Excerpts from the reviews

"...Solid, earnest and grand..."
(New York Times)

"...a major pianist..."
(Washington Post)

"...A great success..."
(Corriere della sera, Rome)

"...Born for the Stage..."
(The Observer, London)

"...Brilliantly expressive and elegant..."
(Münchner Merkur, Munich)

"...Great, exciting...an unforgettable evening"
(Kultura, Wiesbaden)

Personal Representative
in USA:

Christine E. Meier
Phone: 1-772-692-1532
Fax: 1-772-692-4078

Representation in Europe:

Clemens Concerts Ltd.
1121 Budapest
Széchenyi emlekút 23
Phone: 36-1-275-4085

Peter Pertis

Some articles and critics about Peter Pertis

Review - Without Theatrics

"Without any theatrics and posing, but transfigured and with deep feeling. He makes music for himself. And for us." more >

Interview - It's a meeting...
"I met a neighbour the other day. He said to me, You know, there is a problem with your practicing... You must play louder." more >
Peter Pertis - Word Traveler

"Being a musician is a kind of profession and a kind of lifestyle that you can`t help sometimes not to think about..."more >

Critic - Pianist combines music...

"I liked this," Jeanna Gatten, 15, said about the performance. "You think, there are more than two hands on the piano." more >

Press - Pianist to play

"Peter Pertis' hands are expressive, even when he's not playing the piano. They're animated now, punctuating the air as he talks about his upcoming performance..."
more >

Critic - Piano and Book

"Playfulness and enchanting poesy suffused this masterful rendition - the Olympian joyfulness and radiance of a genius." more >

Peter Pertis in Strathmore!

Peter Pertis in Strathmore - Preview

Some opinions about the recital in the Strathmore Music Center >

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